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Our Relentless Commitment to Improving Patients’ Lives

Relentless. It is the one word that defines our dedication to discovering new treatments for the patients we serve.

We won’t give up until we’ve helped those with liver and other chronic diseases feel better and lead healthier, richer lives.

We’ve proven this throughout the development of our lead product candidate, seladelpar, which is backed by multiple clinical trials and has been studied in more than 500 patients to date – a notable achievement for a treatment targeting a rare disease.

Seladelparis a selective PPARδ agonist that has been shown to regulate critical metabolic and liver disease pathways. Due to the high unmet need for new PBC treatments, seladelpar has received Breakthrough Therapy Designation (FDA) in the United States for the treatment of early stage PBC and PRIME status (EMA), as well as Orphan Drug Designation in the United States and Europe for the treatment of patients with PBC.

We completed enrollment in our seladelpar Phase 3 RESPONSE trial in mid-2022.

A Message to Patients from Sujal Shah, President and Chief Executive Officer

Patients are at the core of everything we do at CymaBay. We not only strive to develop a deep understanding of the complex causes of liver diseases like PBC, we devote time and resources to gain insights into what patients and their families are experiencing. The debilitating fatigue. The itchy skin. The ongoing fear of needing a liver transplant.

We know time is of the essence in bringing new, innovative treatment alternatives to patients. It’s why we’re developing drugs like seladelpar with the potential to improve biochemical markers of disease progression and quality of life for patients with PBC.

With the support of experienced investors, partners and many of the world’s leading experts, we remain devoted to completing what we believe is one of the most robust development programs in PBC. I am proud to work alongside an experienced team at CymaBay with the expertise and dedication to advance seladelpar from the clinic to patients worldwide.

Sujal Shah

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Corporate Values and Our Employees Who Live Them

Our vision is to conquer metabolic, inflammatory, and fibrotic diseases so patients can lead fulfilling lives without suffering. It’s a goal we take seriously every day as we pursue new treatments that address the underlying causes of diseases, improve health, and help patients feel better. Importantly, our relentless dedication to the patients and families we serve means we will never stop pursuing our mission of helping people with liver and other chronic diseases lead longer, healthier lives.

At CymaBay, each team member is guided by our core values of innovation, teamwork, accountability, integrity, and respect. These aren’t just words on paper. These values represent who we are, how we work, and how we lead our organization.


Foster collaboration and alignment to achieve team objectives


Take ownership and responsibility for individual and team actions


Operate in an open and honest environment at all times


Treat colleagues with respect, compassion, and empathy and enable their growth and development


Thinking out of the box and in creative ways to get our work done

Leading with Expertise and Innovation

Our leadership team is comprised of dedicated individuals paving the path for innovative therapies for patients with PBC and other chronic diseases.

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